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Spreading knowledge of the somewhat obscure
Bad Religionology (invented word), certain aspects of SEGA history, and a vested interest in most things Japanese.
Antihumor.com (fictitious AND unregistered), Avalone.net (actually exists, to my surprise), and many more.
You can change my shirt; You can change my mind: But these pants represent a symbol of my individuality and my beliefs in personal freedom!
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Talib Kweli
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Everything is everything.

This will probably look very sparse, but bear with me. I previously thought my areas of (questionable) expertise had been covered thoroughly by others with more experience (both in the common AND E2 sense), but a quick search for some of the more obscure of my interests quickly proved me wrong.

So I guess what I do now is look at what others have done/haven`t done, and react accordingly.