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SpeedFreek enjoys things and people.
Occasionally, people enjoy SpeedFreek in return.
SpeedFreek is a devout Discordian and often may be found speaking in third person.

Although his handle/screen name/nick may imply otherwise, SpeedFreek does not abuse methamphetamine. That would be illegal.

SpeedFreek is working toward his Degree in English at Indiana University-Bloomington. He recently swiched from Cognitive Science after finally discovering that spending the rest of his life in such a fascinating subject would lead to massive utility. WWMD?

SpeedFreek tends to vote down nodes about sexual experiences that appear to be written only to garner ching!s/upvotes from horny noders with extreme prejudice.

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Postcards, Wads of Cash, Package Bombs, etc:
1214 North Grant
Bloomington, IN 47401