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Read a lot. Then contrib. till I can put a pic on my node. Nothin' special, but I've got some 3-d photos.
Animation, stereo photography, solaris networking
Columbia University (NYC)/Veritas software(Mt. View, CA) for the summer
none. The rules I make decisions by aren't expressed in words.
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Hah, isn't that funny. \|/

It says stubmit down there.

That's sTubmit. Note the "Tee" being used as the second letter (thus GROSSLY changing the meaning of the word).


In other words, THINGS HERE are NOT exactly what you'd expect!

Beware, young one!

Wot th' devil do they mean by it, though? Is it simple doggerel, or are they poking fun at unsuspecting losers in some way? Help me - my insecurities are taking over ...

No, I'm not on any meds. Do you think I should be?

Now that I've got the vote, I'm going to vote up a lot of factual nodes.