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The Poker Game

Playin' poker at a table,
'Bout twelve of us in all.
There ain't one red cent between us,
But if we win we'll want it all.

I'm in a little trouble,
Cause I drew a dead man's hand,
And I'm a little superstitious,
When it comes to a poker hand.

Jack's got a calm expression,
That mean's he's got a flush,
Paul looks too damned happy,
And Johnathon's tryin' to rush.

Christel's in the corner,
She just now shut her eyes.
She's takin' in a deep breath,
Her sweatin's showin' her lies.

Rushton's a good card player,
But Tazzy's damn good too,
Ronny's got his eyes on me,
And Randy's turnin' blue.

Ol' Jimmy? Well he's just sittin' there,
In Jack's old rockin' chair,
Rockin' so damned nervously,
We all started to stare.

Adam was in the corner,
Laughin' at the fools,
Playin' a serious hand of poker,
Over an empty pool.

Bob and Marcus both knew,
What Adam was all about.
So they both folded directly,
Once the cards were all dealt out.

Me? Well I was just gettin' started,
When Ronny started to smile,
Cause he's the only living man I know,
Who's learned my poker face style.

So quickly I folded and said out loud,
"The ante was too rich for my blood."
Christel stood up and said, "I'm out,
Even though I was doin' real good!"

Next we knew, only Jack and Ronny,
Were left in a twelve player game.
They bet and raised and teased and hazed,
'Til it took to gettin' lame.

And by the time they both got done,
We had all started on.
They didn't even know 'til they got up,
That everyone else was gone.

When Ronny called and put 'em down,
We all rushed back inside,
Then a miracle happened in that room,
Or the cards weren't shuffled right.

Both Ronny and Jack had a Royal Flush,
They couldn't believe it can you?
And they knew when they emptied my cowboy hat,
They we're plain' for twelve IOU's.

But wait just a minute, cause that ain't the end,
This mystery still marches on,
I counted out seven Aces,
Now what in the hell is goin' on?

So I told Tazzy to find the box,
From which he'd dealt this wreck,
And when he did, we felt like fools,
For playin' with a Pinochle deck.