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Like promising to join a gym, or take up Tai Chi, or to stick to a good, balanced diet, I made certain I would join E2 one day. From the early days of stumbling on a node or two in a google search, I slowly developed a habit I could call Node-surfing. I would read a node and become obsessed with a statement that was left unresolved. I finally made the decision to sign up, and I haven't regretted it so far. My first node did quite well, although every negative vote makes me wonder what exactly someone didn't like, and what I can improve. It's like seeing disapproving looks in the faces of others and not really knowing what they mean. At first I was worried about down voting and stuff, and though I understand it's all in my head, it does at least keep me from writing random burblings.

I perservere. I do what I want and I write what I want - provided of course there is a reason to it and it is accessible to read to some extent. The only rules I keep are that I will:
1) be truthful. This means being intellectually honest when arguing a point, and to not elaborate too far about things that happen to me.
2) know what I want to write. Too many times I get into something, and I don't just mean a project, because I want to escape certain cycles. If I write when I'm in that mood, what comes out is always complete crap.

Let's hope I stick with this and don't just buy year's subscription and only show up for the first month.

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