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Identity is always a work in progress:

.....in SF: the meaning of the SF acronym, Classic Star Trek, the Star Wars saga (despite the racism of SW:The Phantom Menace), the motif of the elder brother race
.....in fantasy: The Neverending Story, The Last Unicorn
.....in spirituality: the wise-fool, the Eucharist, Christianity, the art of talkstory for We Are Our Stories
.....in mythology and folklore: the mentor figure, the Grail Quest, unicorns, the sea turtle archetype, the symbolism of lunar and solar, the contemplation of Magic and Mortality
.....in Japanese interests: kaiju, manga/anime, mecha, sentai, the giri-ninjo theme, Japanime
.....in witty repartee: College Raillery
.....in psychology: analytic logic
.....in science lore: paradigm/syntagm, Cladistic evolutionary theory