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Last Updated 16 July 2004
Vital Statistics
LOCATION: Arlington, TX (sorta near Fort Worth)
AGE: 28
(out of 104 wu's) ETHNICITY: 1/8 Scottish, 1/8 Sac & Fox Native American, 1/2 Mutt, 100% Texan (by birth and choice).
FAVORITE LIQUOR: Scotch (w/water)
CHARACTER I MOST RESEMBLE IN LOOKS: A much younger Judge Reinhold
HOW I'D LIKE TO DIE: After a good meal, a good sex, a good whiskey, a good cigarette, and preferably when I'm ready to.

FLAWS: Yes, I am dyslexic. If I can deal with it, you can too. If there is one phrase that could describe my life it would be
"this is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time."

For the record: Hats taste terrible and take about a week to pass through your system.

Latest entry into my "Whomever gives a damn" Log
13 July 04 - I am officially engaged now. I proposed to her at the annual Sac & Fox Pow Wow near Stroud, Oklahoma, and she said yes. It was a beautiful event and the entire tribe got involved. The tradition we performed is called a "giveaway", and this has prompted me to start a new node in the works.

09 April 04 - I don't believe it. I met a girl. A woman, really. A wonderful amazing woman. One born on the same exact day and year that I was. It was fate. We will marry. Our children will provide heirs for my throne once I am World Dictator. Life is good. Aside from that, I had to get rid of my cats, Wheezey and Bling-Bling, which makes me sad, but I don't miss them as much as I would miss my sweetie. Anyway, I finally added another node. It only several months for me to get around to it. I'll eventually make it to the next level, but at least my simple node-fu is up past 10. Yay!

15 Sept 03 - Well, life is going even better than before. My apartment is clean, I'm still employed in the "Computer Stuff" field (though by a different company now), and my plans for World Domination are going well. I've also had two new influxes of material to node about, so perhaps I'll see that Level 4 someday after all, and be able to ching all those great nodes out there. And, for those that knew or cared, my one year and one day vow of chastity has finished. Now all I have to do is find a pet circus midget and my life will be complete.

06 Dec 02 - Life is going well. After a long haitus from E2 I've returned and begun to post nodes once again. I'm newly employed by Computer Sciences Corporation and have to date written 4 plays,: Some People Call Them Weasels, Family Time, Chronos Ex Machina, and Dogberry. Additionally, I've written the first two books to a cyberpunk trilogy, and am presently writing a different spin on the Illuminati.

money turns the world
perhaps time stops for the poor

I'm single. I'm poor. I'm only a man that somehow slipped through the cracks in the system, and is still trying to find a way... any way... my way... back up through the floorboards of society and make it in life. Unfortunately, every time my fingers seem to find a ledge to pull myself up, someone chooses that moment to urinate, while stepping on my fingers in the process. Perhaps I'm laying the blame in the wrong place. Perhaps it is me. Perhaps I'm too lazy. Perhaps I am too cynical. Perhaps I should get back to work...
For those of you wondering if I will ever node again, or fix my nodes, the answer is "probably". But please understand I'm currently writing two screenplays, three novels, working on publishing a book, and two stageplays. I apologize for the inconvenience. And for anyone that cared, my most recent stageplay, Some People Call Them Weasels was a huge success.
I have no idea what to think about women. Just when I think I'm ready to give up on them completely, one pops up and says "Wait! Wait!"

Then I find out she's really a psycho and "Wait! Wait! means "I'm off my medication and failed Suicide 101"... Women... psychos... if I ever meet a sane one who can keep her legs together for more than 5 minutes that is actually single, in my age group, and attractive, I will eat my hat.


ME: "...Randy, why is it that every time I fall for a woman, she's either insane, wants to kill me, cheats on me, or she's already attached to someone else?"

RANDY: "Because God hates you, Brandon, and wants you to be miserable."

ME: "Really?"

RANDY: "No. Not Really, actually it's because all women fall into those four categories..."

ME: "Oh. No, wait... that can't be right, or else no man on Earth would ever be happy."

RANDY: "Meditate upon this truth... and bring back to me a woman who is not insane, trying to kill you, cheating on you, or already attached to someone else.."

ME: "The hell with you, Randy... if I find a woman like that, I'll marry her!"

(I hang up the phone)

RANDY: (hanging up the phone on his end) "You are learning, little one."

I grew up in a quaint little downtown section of Houston, Texas, USA. From about ages 2-11 I was raised by my grandparents and enjoyed living with nice insane people. My grandfather talked to his imaginary friends and taught me many things. One of which was that kung-fu beats bionics any day of the week. Now, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed my life there, but when my parents decided it was time to take me back and move to Dallas I jumped at the chance. Namely because the invisible people my grandad talked to kept telling him to stock up on guns.

So, in the quaint little town of Bedford, I lived and went to school in the middle of Bible Hell. At the time, I wanted to be a minister (that thought still makes me giggle nowadays) and even this town was too much for me. They cancelled Halloween at my Junior High. No costumes were allowed, no mention of it was allowed, because it was obviously too evil. I guess none of the administrations ever bothered checking out the cafeteria.

I suppose my parents had something of a warm tolerance for me. They got a cat. It's name was PC. Which, at the time, stood for Personal Cat. It was big. It was mean. And we all enjoyed many scars and bleedings from PC. The furniture was not spared the wrath of this cat and we quickly decided to put it outside, whereapon it proceeded to eat the other cats in the neighborhood, and assume their place at feeding time. I loved that cat, but, like so many childhood dreams of being rich, famous, or an astronaught, it died. More accurately, it was taken out by a neighbor with a twelve gauge... legend is it took 3 shots before it stayed down and they still had to hospitalize the neighbor...

Then, the summer before I turned 18 I moved to Austin on my own to attend college, and eventually leave it. I really liked Austin. There was anything you could find there and then some. And better still, Austin liked me. but, 5 years later here I moved to Seattle after a brief stopover back in DFW... now, 3 years after that, I am back in the Fort Worth area, working, and generally pretending to be a responsible 26 year old. Now, you may ask yourself this question. Why on Earth would he want to leave Austin? Or Seattle? I'll give you a hint... it involves women...



I've always been fascinated with Haiku, writing them since I was old enough to hold a pencil without trying to eat it. So, I usually write one per day as inspiration to myself, and occasionally to my friend Colin. Here are a few of the funnier, or more meaningful ones (if you see a name in parenthesis, that is their reply to the Haiku, if you see a name without parenthesis, it's part of the poem).

  • 15 Sept 2003
    Gold and silver bling
    Worn together makes faux pas
    Says the brother-man.
  • 07 Jan 2002
    Women are like cats
    Give up on them, they show up
    And want to be fed.
  • 20 Dec 2001
    Do Zen and Tao mix?
    Complete thought and lack of thought
    Do you not think so?

    Religious freedom
    Allows me daily smoke breaks
    Thank god for Zen and Tao

    By writing a haiku
    Enlightenment drawrs nearer
    Justified smoking
  • 14 Dec 2001
    blue girl made me blue
    "...maybe she'll be different..."
    alas, she's female

    all females play games
    "hello, I must be going."
    I'm tired of playing.

    goodbye, blue-haired girl
    paranoia stole your chance
    at this blue-eyed boy

  • 30 Nov 2001
    right out of nowhere
    oh you took me by surprise
    but so far away

    oh blue-haired angel
    how I long to make contact
    with her big brown eyes

  • 30 Nov 2001
    little blue-haired girl
    Oh, "URAQT2".
    She knew the answer!

  • 26 Nov 2001
    I am eggroll dog
    The P.M. I be heartburn
    That's some ripe shiz-nit

  • 19 Nov 2001
    Freezing my ass off
    The cruel wind smokes my camel
    Faster than myself

    Jesus Christ its cold!
    Oh impotent sun! Why thou
    Hast forsaken me?

  • 26 Oct 2001
    Soft waning daylight
    Distant silence of winter
    Friday afternoon

    I would thank God now
    For such a day as this but
    He already knows

  • 24 Aug 2001
    In the word 'alone'
    There is more space than desired
    So little solace

    is that a blue fish
    fishie fishie fishie yeah
    blue fish kick arse man

    Callow uncouth youth
    Basho rolls within his grave
    Blue fishie indeed

    basho must be some
    high falutin' haiku guy
    back in old nippon

    your irreverence
    precedes your lack of faith, dude
    seek enlightenment

    who is to say that
    my haiku does not contain
    the buddah nature

  • 07 Aug 2001
    The hammer of God
    Above me illuminated
    A boiling cloud.

    The breath of nature
    Gasps with anticipation
    At the coming storm

    Mockingbirds chatter
    For a moment sweet silence
    Then shall the sky weep

  • 18 July 2001
    China, once so proud.
    Reduced to fast food merchants.
    That stuff gives me gas.

    Gentle breezes blow
    Music of the city streets
    Gets on my damn nerves

    Two cigarettes gone
    My lunchtime ration passes
    Damn the workday clock