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So my old personal write-up was wildly out of date, so I figured I would update it. TheMarmot hails from Tucson, Arizona where he attends the University of Arizona and study anthropology and specifically archaeology and media arts.

But to be honest, I'm a little bitter about a recent node of mine getting nuked. I thought it was quite good. And though it was not my original work the author wasn't specifically referenced at his request. I was told to read e2 faq: what not to do and earn your bullshit and damnit I don't see any reason it should have gotten nuked given I mentioned in the node that the author prefers to remain anonymous. I indeed believe it was noding for the ages. So without further ado, I here repost A Goth Poem.

A Goth Poem

my consuming
consumes me

So I feel slightly better now. Now all I have to do is avoid getting my homenode downvoted =p.