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Bioenvironmental Management
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Nurture nature Because Nature Nurtures You!
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Animal or Mammalian Self Commanding to Evil
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A Former Cavalry Officer in the Pakistan Armored Corps, Taimur is an Economics Graduate and holds a Post Grad Master Conservation Diploma from the North American School of Conservation, Scranton, PA, USA. He has 15 years hard core Bioenvironmental Management experience in the Rural Areas of Pakistan. Ex Captain Taimur is Chairman of a Triple 'A' (Appropriate, Adaptive & Applied) R&D NGO for Rural Development and Urban Rehabilitation. he has introduced a number of innovative and low-cost solutions to the myriad problems faced by the poverty stricken. Wide spread adoption is still awaited and is currently being strongly advocated.
Sardar Sahib, as he is also known, is attached to the Qadri Chisti Mystic Divines and is presently located in Islamabad, the Federal capital of Pakistan. He was born in 1954 and has been educated in Presentation Convent Murree and Burnhall Abbottabad. He was commissioned in 1975 and resigned in 1979 to pursue a career of Development and Environment Protection. The Khidmat Foundation is strong on Soil Conservation, Water Management, Solid Waste Management, Horticulture and Micro Enterprise.