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My portrait as painted by my friend Mark Martel

I am a Transitional Man.

Transitional because I've been a first post divorce boyfriend once too often. Well, a lot more than that, but it takes time to think when your hormones are engaged.

Transitional because in auto racing a corner is defined as "the transition between two straightaways" and my favorite part of racing is taking a fast corner. And because I am a corner worker one of the few who play in traffic to keep racing safe.

Transitional because we are called to learn as we go through life and so to live is to change. I am not the man I was, or the man I will be. I am what I am now, and so always in transition.

Transitional because I am a Christian who thinks the way we teach our religion should change, that we cannot look backward but forward, incorporating new ideas into a living, growing faith.

Transitional because we live in a transitional world. Remember, 150 years ago men of learning argued and fought for the expansion of slavery in America. 100 years ago women could not vote. Fifty years ago blacks could not vote, and did not receive a quality education in America. We are moving from a primitive to a modern world, and much of the conflict we see comes from the refusal to get on with business.

I am a Transitional Man.

You too, are in transition.

The powers that be have decided to make me part of the power structure around here. So I'm an editor. If you're new to this place I have the following advice:

Read before you write

E2 isn't a blog, or a discussion board, it's a site for writing and the expression of ideas more complex and subtle than can be expressed in a few sentences. If I delete something of yours, it isn't personal, It's just that this place matters. If you take it seriously, the community that makes up E2 will take you seriously. If you don't take us seriously expect the same in return. Read the FAQs, ask questions, but most of all read. That's what we're about.