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Do delusions brought on by an OD on caffeine count?
Physics and Math geek; Solaris/Linux geek; software developer; doing homework and papers
Hack the universe.
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Student of physics and mathematics. Working toward a Ph.D. in physics.
If you have a beef with one of my writeups, please write me and tell me why. I'm willing to listen and learn.

There are only two sciences: physics and mathematics. All the rest are just implementation exercises.
     9                      Josef
    11                  Profi-Spinner
    14        Unsinn .................. : DM  5,-
    15        Leichter Schwachsinn .... : DM  10,-
    16        Groesser Schwachsinn .... : DM  20,-
    17        Vollkommen Verruecktheiten: DM  30,-
    18        Grosse Werke der Bloedheit,
    19         die in die Geschichte
    20         'reingehen werden ...... : DM 100,-

AN ANNOTATION <The article to which it belongs has now
  been lost in a digital puff of logic>

It was merely a nightmare--dos, linux, and the Command
  Line Interface--a fleeting flare of
  self-sadomasochistic imagination in the dawn of
  Personal Computing.  Merely a wrong turn in the great
  Labyrinth of Home Electronics; a short-lived fad from
  the early eighties, like so many other fads.  We at
  Microsoft are here to help you wake to the warm,
  smiling dawn of the Graphical User Interface.  We will
  hide the Command Line from you, banish it from your
  thoughts, mind, and world; keep the vampires of the
  Keyboard from your door.

We at Microsoft are here to help.

It's for your own good.

Resistance is futile....

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