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To not get dead!
Music. Uhh... does apathy count?
Everything2 is my education system.
Repetition helps us learn. Fun is fun, fun is fun, fun is fun.
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Some say he once killed a man with a guitar string
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Heyhey. I'm a strange lad of indeterminate age and nationality. Equal parts British, Kiwi and Aussie. Yes, those 3 nations DO hate each other. Strange, that.

You might find me attempting to write something vaguely coherent on music or suchlike. You may also find me cowering in fear and gibbering like a tiny, terrified chimpanzee baby because one of my nodes just got eaten.

I'm just trying to write something vaguely helpful or informative and trying not to be too overwhelmed by the system here.

Chill like a penguin, drink like a hobo, dance like a gecko and smoke it like a camel.