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My abilities aren't up to the task of producing a particularly moving or informative home node. Thus, I'll take my cue from the silent horror movie directors of the 1930s and give you just a few salient details; you imagine the gory details yourself.

Feel free to imagine a long and sincere discussion of these aspects of my character; if you want it to be really authentic, imagine that it includes a few stabs at humor that contain a little too much self-pity to actually be funny. Please don't imagine any spelling errors, though, because that would just be embarassing.

Here are some users who have been kind to me in one way or another:

Otherwise - to rehash a tired cliche, all of my decidedly un-radical ideas about the natures of various things have already occurred to you, and I doubt any of my ideas about myself (including the ones I already put down, I guess) would be of any interest to anyone. So there you have it.

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