An E2 nodelet that provides a few convenient link menus to helpful documents. I'll put a somewhat annotated version below - please click around in the actual nodelet and check out these documents, they're vital (GET IT?) to your E2 experience.

The + and - links will allow you to collapse or expand certain groups of links if you don't find yourself using them much.

The following will give a brief explanation of the links always available in your nodelet.

- + Maintenance

Node Title Edit - Request a node title be changed
Broken Writeups - Point out an error in a writeup
Writeup Deletion Request - Ask that a writeup be deleted
Nodeshell Deletion Request - Ask that a nodeshell be deleted
Node Heaven - See the Node Heaven document
Make a bug report - Report a bug in the E2 code
Suggest a change to E2's code - Submit a suggestion for an E2 feature or change

- + Noding Information

E2 HTML Tags - An HTML guide ... to help you format your writeups
HTML symbol reference - More HTML tricks
Using Unicode on E2 - Advice for writing with international and mathematical characters on E2
Reference Desk - An extremely useful page links to the top referencial websites

- + Noding Utilities

Node Tracker - Check the change in votes and C!s for all of your writeups
Source Code Formatter - Useful tool for coders
Text Formatter - A quick way to format your writeup text

- + List

Writeups By Type - Yep, the last 100 writeups added to the database
Everything's Most Wanted - Find and fill bounties for writeups that the database could use
Cool Archive - A search engine for writeups that have received a C!
Page of Cool - A page of excellent nodes selected by the editorial staff
Usergroup Picks - Writeups that are favorites of special interest groups
A Year Ago Today - See what was written a year or more years ago.
Old News - A log of announcements pertaining to E2 updates and changes
Your nodeshells - Titles which you have created but which have no writeups
Random nodeshells - Free inspiration! A random title someone has created but which has no writeups

- + Miscellaneous

Everything User Poll - Take the poll, view the results, and submit an idea for a new poll
The Everything2 Voting/Experience System - How voting, experience, GP, and monkeys combine to addict you to Everything2
Chatterlight - A page containing very little but the chatterbox, with an auto update function
E2 Gift Shop - A place to exchange GP for trinkets and baubles.
Everything Quote Server - A new quote on each page load ... an excellent page for chatting
The Registries - ways to share and find information about you and other users
Do You C! What I C? - discover what you might like to read based on writeups you really like
The Recommender - discover what you might like to read based on writeups you've bookmarked