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The Blue Light was my baby... The Red Light Was my mind
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November 25, 2002
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so I use the penname Robert Goddam, it's a reference to an obscure work of art that I'll write up some day... But when I post on here, I continue to use my signature, and that's why Robert Goddam is at the bottom of my write-ups. Even though it isn't my real name, it is what I put as my real name in the Real Name field of my edit user page, just to be consistent. I really preferred having a blank homenode.

I'm working on a serial, Johnny Reb in Jones Valley. One node is done, at please don't find me. please don't miss me., which will be the third chapter, or maybe the fourth. It's going to start with post-orgasm blues, but at this moment I haven't even written it, deciding as I should write some more factual nodes, particularly since no one but me will know where any of the stuff I'm talking about is, or why it makes a good setting.

I have two write-ups that have been cooled, but Vulcan deserves it significantly more than either of the two that got it, and hasn't been. I added the second half since the last time anyone voted on it. Parts of Vulcan, including a recently washed face, are currently on display inside the Birmingham Museum of Art.