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Briarcliff Lodge was built in 1902 as a summer resort by Walter Law. Located in Briarcliff Manor, New York, the sprawling tudor-style mansion served as a resort hotel until 1936, when it was converted into the Edgewood Park School. When the school relocated in 1953, the property was bought by King's College.

King's College was a Christian liberal arts college offering two and four-year programs. The campus consists of the main hall and dormitories (formerly Briarcliff Lodge), a music building, science center, gymnasium, and a running track.

The college went bankrupt in 1994 and the buildings were abandoned and boarded up. Currently there are plans to demolish all the buildings and build a retirement community on the site.

Last year, while exploring the abandoned college (i.e, trespassing), we found an old letter from 1926 on Briarcliff Lodge stationary under the floorboards.

Disclaimer: Urban exploration can be fun but dangerous. This writeup should not be taken as encouragement for unauthorized persons to visit.