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Relay Ball A sport game that started in 2018. It's a combination of football and basketball created by Zane Gardner. It has changed some in the recent years. It began in South Africa. It was brought to the United States where there is a National Relay Ball League.

The game is played one on one and it's played with a special goal a cone in the middle of the cones is a bucket. The rules of the game is contact, traveling, & charging it’s a non contact sport.

National Relayball League
Canton Colts
Canton Knights: Knights folded Season 1
Charolette Hawks Folded
De Kalb Junction Gold: Season 3 champion
Hermon Flames: Hermon Flames merged into the De Kalb Junction Gold
New York Broncos Folded Season 2 champion
North Carolina Spartans Folded
Portland Blazers Folded
St. Lawrence Kings
St. Lawrence Tigers: merged into the Kings Season 1 champion
Watertown Vikings Folded Traveling Team Retuned for Season 4 as they moved to De Kalb Junction, New York as the St. Lawrence Tigers.