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Recent grad. Employed. Finally.
The name is Ann but friends call me Cindy.

Email: seattlecindy80@yahoo.com
(--.--) mashimaro

I'm now part of an all-female spoken word/music trio called "The Shameless Mall Chicks". Coming to a coffee house near you!

I originally wanted to call our group "Betty Matlab and her Shameless Quiver Plot" but Tina thought no one would get it. And someone would have to be nominated as Betty. No one wanted to be a Betty. Well, Shondra kinda wanted to be a Betty but she didn't have enough customer service experience to be an effective Betty. If you know what I mean.

We also debated names like "Too Weird for Springer", "The Fantasy Janitors", "The Buffet Fascists", "High Rents and Cheekbones", and "Dangerous Cold Remedy".

Update Feb 10/03: Shondra wants to change our band name to "Hail Soccer Mom". I kind of like it.


Sometimes I have to laugh at my own jokes... AND YOU SHOULD TOO:

Since building your town in the middle of a swamp basically ensures limited growth because people simply don't want to emigrate to a swamp (unless you can offer them jobs in advertising), it's no wonder "Podunk" has long been associated with insignificance, isolation, an inability to keep up with the times, and a citizenry not overly blessed by shrewd judgment (i.e., "Dudes, don't live in a marsh!").

* * *

Seok Jeon traditionally took place during the May 5th (Lunar calendar) Dano festival. Citizens of villages on different sides of rivers would line the river and hurl stones at each other. The team that "won", it was believed, would have good luck for the year. The proof of this, I guess, is in the pudding. When the losing village full of blinded, brain damaged, and generally crippled farmers failed to bring in a better harvest than your winning village, it was obvious to all the harvest gods favored Seok Jeon winners.

My under appreciated nodes :(

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