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I am full of creativity, except when put on the spot. My mind is always moving even when I'm not. Blading is exhilarating but having fun is my passion. Some would consider me vegan, save vegans, for they would not. My hobbies include laughing and playing. I prefer not to be alone but have no problem being by myself. Learning and thinking are my full time job. I want to teach. My toughest challenge is staying compassionate throughout the day. I love the night and am afraid of the dark. I live each day to it's fullest. Sometimes I'm forget.

I stumbled upon Everything2.com as I was looking up some information on the Library of Alexandria for a concept my friends and I have and I thought "I want to be part of this." Everything2.com is very similar to what I would like to do.

The idea started with a concept that education should be free. From there it grew into this incredible, self-contain and ever growning entity much like E2. The idea is simple, take the classes I took during college and put them online in a tutorial form for people to go to and learn basically everything I did during college. If there was interest, I would like to continue the scope to not just creating tutorials, but as a place where people can exchange thoughts, ideas, concepts, or work together on a project or see where other people have succeeded or failed and pick up from there.

But it is only a concept right now. Known by only a few people and whoever decides to read this.

If anyone is interested, I would love to talk more about this idea if you find it appealing. normalforcekills@hotmail.com or IM apessos. I have thrown some ideas on my website, http://www.ourwasteland.com/phpwiki. Feel free to contribute. =)

Have fun.

Also, if you have any suggestions to improve some of my nodes, let me know. I am trying to explain things as well as I can so everyone can understand them. If I am not doing so, I would like to know. Thanks.