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I'm a graduate student, which is a euphemism for indentured servant, at Boston University. I can see the Citgo sign out of my apartment window, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Most of my research is in systems areas relating to networking and operating systems - caching, event-driven web servers, packet scheduling, and other such components of truly kick-ass internet servers.

Please don't mistake me for artfuldodger - I'm not him, I promise! I'm someone else! When I created my account, I didn't find his alias because E2's search function is whack. It is also worth noting that the _ in my alias is pronounced, much like the slash in RMS's preferred pronounciation of GNU/Linux.
Besides, I'm not about to ditch this account and its <SARCASM> whopping accumulation of XP</SARCASM>
Have a nice day.