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The Lavender Hill Mob was an an adventure-comedy film released in 1951 and was directed by Charles Crichton. The screenplay was written by T.E.B. Clarke. It was originally released in the United Kingdom, it is in black and white, and is 82 minutes long. T.E.B. Clarke won the Academy Award in 1952 for Best Screenplay, and Alec Guinness was nominated for Best Actor.

What would you do if you were the man that stayed in the back of the armored truck watching the gold that went between banks? Well, Henry Holland certainly knew what he wanted to do. For the past ten years, he had been going through his head on how to steal the gold. In his journeys between the banks, he had made sure that to everyone he was seen as very precise and completely trustworthy. Everyday, he checked on the smallest details. Everyday, he pulled over the truck on the smallest possible chance of a robber. Everyday, there was the gold for the taking in front of him. He was completely trusted, and he had the plan to steal the gold. But there was one slight problem, he didn't know how to get it out of the country.

But when the artist and molder, Pendlebury, moved into the same apartments that Holland lived in, the pieces fell into place. He had the plan, and the escape. All it needed was a few more good thieves to pull it off. Then, the Lavender Hill Mob would be complete.

This is such a wonderful example of Alec Guinness, in a role different than most are used to him being in. Guiness was always a professional and his acting is superb. The movie plot is what would happen if completely normal people suddenly decided that they wanted to rob a bank truck, and it works wonderfully. It's just as good today, as it was when it was released. Also, watch for a very young Audrey Hepburn in her fourth movie appearance.

Main Cast:
Alec Guinness - Henry Holland
Stanley Holloway - Pendlebury
Sid James - Lackery
Alfie Bass - Shorty
Marjorie Fielding - Mrs. Chalk
Edie Martin - Miss Evesham
John Salew - Parkin
Ronald Adam - Turner
Arthur Hambling - Wallis
Gibb McLaughlin - Godwin
John Gregson - Farrow
Clive Morton - Station Sergeant
Sydney Tafler - Clayton
Marie Burke - Senora Gallardo
Audrey Hepburn - Chiquita

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