ONEIROCRITICA, the art of interpreting dreams, or predicting future events from dreams. Encyclopædia Britannica 1771.

The Oneirocriticon by Artemidorus Daldianus of Ephesus (2nd century A.D.) is the oldest book on this subject quoted by Sigmund Freud in his The Interpretation of Dreams.

In "Coleridge, Wordplay, and Dream", Dreaming, Vol. 7, No. 2, 1997, L. R. Kennard, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, concludes "Coleridge apparently read Artemidorus".

Astrampsychus wrote a later book by the same title. An English version of the latter is The Dream Book of Astrampsychos, "Byzantium, 9th century e.v., Translated by Monty Cantsin"