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mission drive within everything
skettios, flipflops, girls, and zen. that's all you need.
mediocrity. i rule!
i am the shit (aka da sysadmin (i.e. underpaid, overworked, underloved, with an itchy DEL-finger))
(1) "face it, you're not special." (2) "go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut." (3) "why is it broken? its running NT."
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i'm just J. Average Geek, excepting that i can occasionally woo women and i have tattoos. i grew up in the best place in the world -- New England -- were my old-as-dirt father brought me up to work hard, play harder, and always choke a laugh or two out of life. he also watched a lot of bbc programs on pbs, so that probably added to my slightly addled sense of humor.
somehow i managed to land a lan admin job in my squadron (i'm in the navy, for 2 more years at least) and i manage to earn beer on my free time by "fixing" people's computers (i.e. pressing the "any key", plugging cords back in, etc.) i also have a girlfriend who takes up a nice little hunk of my time. she's a local, japanese (by the way sensei, your nodes on japanese were very helpful. they got me an in an assload of trouble!), and i think she's great. its a wierd relationship with a lot of broken english and broken japanese being spoken, but i think the cuddling makes up for it.
it's been 2 years since i graduated highschool, and my english skills have dropped a lot due to me not reading and having to spend large amounts of time with people from the south. i like to read and write, although i despise math (i can't add). occasionally, when i'm back stateside, i go to open mic nights and read my poetry. its usually off-kilter and i hate being in front of people, but i wouldn't say i suck too bad.
besides that, i'm becoming a conspiracy nut due to things like echelon. that kinda stuff really spooks me out. also, beer is good.