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I'm open defiance, I'm non-compliance, Part pure instinct, The rest raw science.
fucking up. having kids and then alienating them completely
The Eat-Shit and Die Co PLC
"thoughts in head stay in head. When not in head, no longer thoughts"
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Born in a laboratory bucket and given to a Band of Gypsies. After a short time, the Gypsies abandoned me whereby I was adopted by a pack of Wild Dogs. Lived with them happily till it was time to challenge for alpha male and I just couldn't  hack the competition. Left them to wander around the UK. Currently residing in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. I enjoy misanthropy, misery, equal opps bigotry - (everyone is a twat till they prove otherwise) , medication, subversion, the underground (both literally and figuratively), pedants, simians, anarchists who love the theory but recognise it would never work, anti-establishmentarianism, chemistry, the pursuit of chemical knowledge, psycho-active stimulants, JP Donleavy's Book "The Ginger Man" an absolute must for anyone with the capacity to both admire and detest different constituent parts of the same person. Tim Pat Coogan's book The IRA for anyone fascinated by the idea of one sides military operation being the other sides terrorist organisation. Also because I have a relative named in the book who blew himself up in the 1950's before he even got near his planned target. If that doesn't just completely describe my family in one action then it's only right and defined by history as this total fuck up. Mental illness ahoy!.

Oh, and I'm not doing reviews for the foreseeable ever, after branching out from my usual banal greetings card platitudes in verse, and going down like a dog turd on the duvet. I shall lurk where I am (statistically) detested the least...even tho' my ups were sadly outnumbered by my downs for the first time...my life now seems jaded and unappreciated...*sigh*