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Espresso Eightball

You will Need:
1. Freshly ground coffee beans. (Espresso grind: Number 7 at Atomic Coffee).
2. Espresso machine. (Breville 4 cup)
3. Milk (Soy or cow: Vitasoy Vanilla/Original)
4. Beaker (Goes with 2: For frothing milk)
5. (Coffee sugar) (Larger crystals than raw sugar)
6. Water (Save some for afterwards)
7. Commuter mug

Directions: Brew for four cups. Pour approx 1/2 tbsp sugar into the mug. Pour espresso - should be straight off the machine. Stir. Pour milk into beaker - start with one quarter. Froth milk until beaker is 70% full. Pour over espresso. Fill mug with milk if nescessary. Stir.

I call this an eightball because it is four double shots of espresso. Definately make this at home because even if you can explain it to a barista it's probably going to cost you $8. Have a drink of water immediately afterwards: you may wish to brush your teeth.

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