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Fantastically fantastic Webby nodes that I've come across:

Noding Projects

Wagner's Der Ring Des Nibelungen (completed, woohoo!)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes, Season 6


  • Proem // I // II

  • Pardon Our Dust: I'm doing a rehaul on the existing nodes and finishing up the ones that weren't done yet, which is why the existing nodes have been nuked temporarily. The whole thing WILL be reposted, for all the lovers of Finnish epic out there...



An oath (because, yes, this has happened):
If I fake my death on E2 for any reason, and I come back to find that a bunch of people have been trying to finish a meta-project that I was working on, as a touching tribute to my untimely passing, I will NOT then go through and supercede their writeups. Because that? Is an ass-y thing to do.

Someone softlinked Toonophilia to my Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts writeup. I don't get it.

Nodes I dig:

Level 2 reached 7/13/02 (a mighty "woohoo" is set forth)

Level 3 reached 2/19/03 (a "woohoo", mightier than the previous "woohoo," is set forth)

First time I saw one of my nodes in the Random Nodes nodelet: February 23, 2003