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I don't know exactly where I came up with my alias, but I like to believe that I was nicknamed after Aaron Copland, a Musical Composer that worked a lot with Philadelphia Orchestra. I like to think that I can write music with as much talent as he. I also consider myself a Black Fist Critic of modular music.

Static Line (founder/editor-in-chief)
Immortal Coil (tracker, organizer)
SceneSpot (Co-founder, General Manager)

For Fun:
I spend most of my Time Tracking in the demoscene, listening to music, drinking Guinness at the Pub, building and repairing computers, geeking around with Linux and playing on the net. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time playing games such as Asheron's Call or Quake.

For Money:
I am a Landscape Architect. People pay me good money to design landscapes. The field doesn't pay well, but it's a lot of fun.

My Theories List:
Theory of assumed existance, Theory of minimal talents, Theory of hidden Color Blindness,The Catholic Girl Theory, The Theory of God: The Solution.

My Pets:
I currently have a North Eastern King Snake, South Eastern Corn Snake, The largest house cat in the world and a dead dog named Puppy.

Don't even ask me about Coplan's World!