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/Me pokes head out and blinks muzzily

You're all still here? There's not all that much to see around here from me. I don't write much anymore, and school and work have consumed my existence. I hope y'all are still having fun.

Former Profession: practicing poet.

So far I have posted 3 original works of poetry to e2. They are

This is a list of e2 users who I like (read: they upvoted my nodes, and/or had nice constructive criticism, and/or just had nice things to say). You should visit their homenodes.

Some random bits of funniness:

A Buddhist, a Moslem, a Nun, and a Jew
Were stuck in a hot air balloon
It suddenly popped
Though they prayed as it dropped
It proves that God hates us all

A grand adventure and quest has been declared! e2film is creating a list of the movies that must be watched (IONSHO)*. I have appointed myself the unofficial collater of this list, and so here it is!

* IONSHO - In Our Not-So-Humble Opinions

"If propoganda can make people forget about the humanity of other people, than this is a sad sad world." - kerensby

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