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Live in Calgary where the chinooks rule. Run Linux. Program in Java and do lots of servlet and EJB programming. Don't think I've ever used a bogo sort but the concept of using one is rather funny. Own 50% (and happen to be vice-president and C.O.O. of) of a software development company called Bitonic Solutions Inc. My girlfriend says I'm a geek; I think she's right. Favourite vacation spot is probably /dev/null ... And for some reason, I seem to write sentence fragments... and I absolutely detest doing good.
I am a Sergeant in the King's Own Calgary Regiment, a reserve regiment in the Canadian Army and firmly believe in "loyalty above all else except honour" and that "it's all about karma".

I love being Canadian, eh? I also have my Australian citizenship (dual citizenship), which means I'm free to get up and go there whenever I please. I also love girls next door, that is women with that girl next door look to them. All good. Oh, and one last thing, I pretty much have permanant helmet head.

P.S. Have you been dispursing half miles whenever possible?

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