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I am female. I am neurotic and brilliant. I regularly read Salon, Wired News, Suck, Discovery Channel Online, and anything written by Jon Katz but my passion is for literature. I have many online friends but my only real offline friends are m.y horse D'Artagnan and my parrot Earl Grey. I watch Star Trek, X-Files and Xena with tremendous enthusiasm but do not consider myself a sci-fi/fantasy person. I do not run Linux, though I do posess a copy of Red Hat and aspire to load it&.on a crappy 486 I have at some time in the future. I think Johnny Depp is my favorite actor, but I am also rather fond of Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Jeff Goldblum, John Corbett, Geraint Wyn-Davies, Patrick Stewart, and the magnificent Lucy&.Lawless for reasons which may or may not have anything to do with their acting abilities. Henry David Thoreau is the love of my life. If you are reading this Henry please for mercy's sake email me bacause I am pining for you.