The most beautiful people are those are not so in a conventional way.

They are those who, although you would never have called them plain, you would never have looked at them and thought that they were pretty.

But then time passes, you spend more time in each others company. Not because you fancy each other, not because you have a crush on each other, at least not one that either of you have admitted to yourselves. You spend time with each other simply because thats the way it happens. You sit together every night and watch the Simpsons. You lie there on each others beds, in each others rooms. Talking, just talking. Ideas come out and combine.

One day it starts to happen. Seeing each other becomes the high point of the day. You think you have a crush on someone else though.

You dance togeather. Close. When you dance you hold each other. But not as you would hold a friend. Its strange, you never dance with the one you think you have a crush on. Your cheeks are next to each other. There is a part of you that knows that, if you wanted to, you could kiss each other. But you don't. You are in the moment. Your proximity is enough.

Slowly it dawns apon you. Somehow you've started holding hands. First in private, while you are watching TV in each others rooms. For some reason everyone else who would normally watch with you have stopped coming. They seem to know that it is a time just for the two of you. One day, while sitting side-by-side on the bed, your fingers brushed past each other. And stopped. And slipped into each others hands. You hold on and don't let go. Once you start holding hands you feel like you are connected at all times.

Then it happens. You are out together, celebrating a birthday. You are both drinking, but not drunk, just happy. You are dancing. There is a whisper in your ear "you two are right for each other, get together, look after each other". You look up and over the crowd. Your wispered words are right. The world changes. You know your feelings.

You kiss and it is right.
You hold each other and it is right.
You look into each others eyes and it is right

You wish it were to be forever.

Maybe one day it will be.

This is a beauty that doesn't die.

I look at you, I desire you.

I always will.