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mission drive within everything
Trying to stay alive long enough for whatever it is that I've been waiting for.
Sitting, Watching, Waiting.
Arizona State University
Yes, my heart exploded. How the hell am I alive?
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March 19, 2010
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I am happy and I am sad. I'm not bipolar, I'm just human.


I spend a lot of time thinking about my existance, and the life that will never be mine. Occasionally I forget about this stuff and can geninuely enjoy my life, although I may be drunk when this happens. I live in the desert and stay here because it's so easy to. Desert living is ridiculously simple once you figure out how to get over the 115o summer heat. Yes I am lazy. When I get inspired to do things I do them, though. Perhaps I'm not as lazy as I think. After all, I got my degree (in Museum Studies) in four years. Woo, pointless degree from a ridiculous school.

I've started knitting and I'm trying to learn ASL. I read a lot, lately about serial killers.

Contact me, if you dare...
If I end up killing you, it's your own damn fault.


If you'd like my address to send me a fabulous gift, message me.
I accept cookies, money and love. Those with any extra anthrax need not apply.

E2 seems to be dreadfully lacking in write-ups about art...

Guess I'd better do something about that....

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