TSAC formed in 1993 from the rubble of Shrimp Boat and The Coctails. Eric Claridge and Sam Prekop (both ex Shrimp Boat) formed the band as a one-time project with Archer Prewitt (ex Coctails) and John McEntire. (At the time McEntire was also starting a band by the name of Mosquito with some other folks in the Chicago scene; they changed their names a while later to Tortoise...) They called themselves The Sea and Cake after McEntire's mishearing of the Gastr del Sol song title, "The C in Cake."

As a result, their first album and, to a lesser extent the second and third, sound like a mix of the three bands TSAC's members came out of. The "one-time project" released its first three albums between 1994 and 1995. At that point, they took a little time off before releasing their most popular album, the Fawn in 1997. Instead of sounding like its predecessors, the band incorporated electronics (much like Tortoise had started doing with Millions Now Living Will Never Die); as a result, people either loved or hated the album. Another short break took place, during which the largely forgettable remix EP Two Gentlemen was released before releasing Oui in 2000. This album is their finest work to date, tempering the electronics of the Fawn with their previous work and a heavy influence from tropicalia (the music style, not the Beck song).

Albums - all released by Thrill Jockey

  1. The Sea And Cake
  2. Nassau
  3. The Biz
  4. The Fawn
  5. Two Gentlemen (Remix EP)
  6. Oui

This is also the title of TSAC's first album. Almost precisely the intersection of The Coctails and Shrimp Boat. An excellent album, particularly Jacking the Ball and So Long To the Captain.


Sam Prekop - Vocals, Guitar
Eric Claridge - Backing Vocals, Bass
John McEntire - Drums
Archer Prewitt - Guitar

Brad Wood - Percussion on 1, 5, 7, 8; Backing Vocals on 1; Soprano Saxaphone on 2; Tenor Saxaphone on 6; Organ on 10
Dan Putney - Synth on 2, 7
Johnny Machine - Percussion on 5


  1. Jacking the Ball
  2. Polio
  3. Bring My Car I Feel to Smash It
  4. Flat Lay the Water
  5. Choice Blanket
  6. Culabra Cut
  7. Bombay
  8. Showboat Angel
  9. So Long to the Captain
  10. Lost in Autumn