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"Sentient Beings are numberless; I vow to save them all."
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PRO: Autonomy, Change, Freedom (of Speech, of Person, of Thought), Movement, Survivial
CON: Closed-mindeness, Fascism, Idiocy, the Status Quo

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Ok. here's an attempt to put some order to the chaos of my bookmarks.

Nodes to use:
Everything Email Options
Definitions That Need Work
Spivak pronouns

Nodes to consume:
My secret pancake recipe
Thlai Yang Tsoi Geng: Watercress Soup

Nodes for giggles:
You know you are sexually gifted if...
Two fish in a tank...

Nodes to read:
Aesop's Fables
Proclamation of the Irish Republic

Nodes on technology:
Multilingual "Hello World" program
data haven

Nodes to node:
vegetarianism and protein
strong convergence hypothesis
social Darwinism population

Nodes that gave me ideas:
Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault

Nodes to vote up:

Nodes to vote down: (I may have only vote but I can spread my opinion)
English-Swahili dictionary

Nodes to de-©-infringe:
Nach Auschwitz (After Auschwitz)
rods and cones (thing)
tetralemmic logic (thing)

Nodes to work on (projects):
society killed evolution
German Metanode
German-English Dictionary
English-German Dictionary

Other:(i.e. I'm not sure anymore, I'll have to go read 'em. I'll get back to ya' in a jiffy)
genetic algorithm
free will
peanut butter
Heinz Tomato Ketchup: Ingredients
poetic meters
Excerpts from the Larry Flynt style guide
perceptual revolution
eightfold path
Verbal Games Metanode
passionate kiss
Books I reread at every new stage in my life
A Modest Proposal: The solution to the Everything2 Votes-to-XP Problem
why I love people today
Does anyone care about Adolph Hitler?
Oral etiquette (idea)
Pi Metanode
Beautiful things that have made you cry
Cornell '69 : Liberalism and the Crisis of the American
University (thing)
Orgasm as an evolutionary development
Logical fallacy
sensitivity to initial conditions
Science Fiction Metanode (thing)
Your radical ideas about religion as a mechanism of socia control have already occurred to others
ant theory
guns don't stop dictators, people stop dictators
The collapse of complex societies
bleeding heart communist
treat every moment like it's your last (idea)
gilles deleuze and felix guattari (person)
Zero Tolerance for Police Harassment: Summer 2000 South
Haven, MI
propaganda film (thing)
A glimpse at the Chinese internet scene
The failure of the American education system (idea)
The problem with DMan
post-modern (idea)
Free speech is a lie
We've Replaced Your Freedom With the Illusion of Freedom.
Of the mirror of the universe be the part that is densest, most useful and least apparent.
there is only one electron
kissing in public