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I got memories, I got shit. So much it don't show.
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She has a heap of hearts on a platter and she's not getting mine
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there is a big difference between thoughtful prose and meandering text based warble.

have some warble:

I am 35 years old.
I have not been canoeing in over 8 years.
My favorite place to be is in the shower when I know it's cold out. The water can't get hot enough.
The best is a cat, all warm and soft and tired, on your chest.
The second best is a baby.
The third best is another baby.
I am the only one who kicks my ass.
I will not eat food that is not presentable for a magazine photo shoot.
I believe that fertilization begins with words. I have seen this happen.
You can get to my heart by making me cry.
I have not been canoeing in over 8 years.
Burning sap is what smells the most like home. And Christmas trees.
JohnnyGoodyear inspires me to node better.

like dreaming about hiding in the nurse's office in middle school and everyone else left and it was just you, your goofy sweaty hand 14 year old love and corey. except now i'm twice as old and there is no nurse's office at work. and corey haim is dead.