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i hate to capitalize. i love to abbreviate. i hate the craze over *n sync. i love to sing. i hate listening to people sing who think they're great singers but who really suck. i love to write, but i don't often get the chance.

most of my nodes here are factual and such b/c it takes so long for me to finish anything creative that i'm proud enough of to post/publish that it's just easier to jot down facts at this point. when i write something that's a real piece of writing, i'll let you know.

i am currently working for the summer in the Radiology Department at Johns Hopkins, building a website for their In Vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Project. it's a work in progress, but the temporary link is (the main page,, is the original page that was up before i came and remade it). the new stuff i do for is the site is updated to the site every week or so. i'm also in the process of making my homepage :) dedicated to things that i love, mainly the west wing, ed the show, and harry potter.

most of my bookmarks are nodes that i think are grossly undercovered and plan to add to soon... sigh, but i procrastinate...

If wishes were horses...