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Okey-dokey, homenode time. So, you want to know about mr. geekaus eh? Well, here's a short autobiography.

But first...
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GPA d- s+:-- a--- C++++ UL++++ P+ L++ E W++ N o-- K- w---
O M-- V- PS+++ PE-- Y+ PGP- t+ 5+ X+ R- tv b++++ DI+++ D
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Okay, roll the film...

geekaus was born on February 17, 1984 (stop laughing) in the maternity ward (where else?) of the Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. Life up until the age of five was fairly unremarkable, except for one memorable incident when the young man was unable to comprehend his inability to change the date of his birthday (well it's mine, isn't it?). Much of the aforementioned unremarkability was spent watching a cousin play 'Temple of Loth' from basica on an XT.

When geekaus was five, he decided solidly on a career path to follow. Science! He would be the one to solve all of mankind's problems and unlock the hidden secrets of the cosmoverse. Unfortunately, it seems that announcing this intention to all who could hear was not a good idea. geekaus was set for seven years of ridicule. This career aspiration was kept religiously for about a year. geekaus then decided to go into the related field of rock music.

His first band was formed in his second year of primary school. Okay, it was pretty much just a bunch of little kids yelling. A one song demo ('Move it or lose it' (once again, stop laughing)) was recorded on a bright red portable Sony cassette player with a built in microphone (back in the days when built in microphones were common). The euphoria of success lasted all the way to...

...high school. geekaus made the discovery that when you go somewhere new, people don't know you. At this time geekaus sported long, green hair and became (completely undeservedly) the drug, drink, rock and rebellion guru for his class. A few months later geekaus sampled his first doobie. This was a life-changing experience. All of a sudden a lot of the music he liked made more sense. All of a sudden fitting into a rebellious image was so much easier. All of a sudden women (girls) were throwing themselves at him (maybe). After playing in (or at least talking about) several short-lived bands over the next few years, geekaus was recruited as the vocalist for a Ozpunk band, which actually did rehearsals and demos and stuff. His complete lack of singing ability did not stop him from having long hair on stage. After being kicked out of said band due to aforementioned lack of talent, he then turned his attentions to (read: completely took over) another band, of which he provided guitar and backing vocals. geekaus actually started writing half-way decent songs and had a talented group of individuals to play them with. The vocalist quit (well, I suppose we kicked him out) because he just didn't want to do it anymore and never showed up to rehearsals and geekaus took over singing duties. Interestingly enough, his voice improved (but not much). The band (Rivet) played a few gigs, recorded the obligatory gutter-quality demo and looked set to take over the world. Then...

...everything fell apart. The core group began to fall apart (mainly due to the bass player and I smoking pot at every available opportunity, combined with his departure from the school) and although geekaus and the drummer boy made a half-hearted effort for a while, the band was dead.

geekaus dropped out of school (as an alternative to failing... again... on attendance... again...) and landed a sales job for one of the country's major ISP's. Rivet have also reunited (at least, geekaus and the drummer boy did) for two tracks on an alternative high schoools compilation CD and it looks as though Rivet may be returning... in one way or another...