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Forum Operations Manual Subsection A: Overture
Hail LymForum Corp. of the Uncounted Generations!
Hail the Uncounted Permutations of its Exalted SuperDBAs!
Hail its Fathomless Properties and Sourcing Teams!
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May it ever rule this Realm and spread its Methodologies across this Concrete!

Subsection B: Overview

It is axiomatic that any LymForum Corp. needs its Forum.

In the beginning, so say the eldest entities, NameName requisitioned a Forum. And a Forum was drafted, and each annex belonging to a managing deity was erected in the innermost regions of the office. And NameName was pleased, and prescribed an elaborate worship protocol for pilgrims visiting here, starting with veneration of the stalled financial reporting effort and culminating with invocations to the latest project team. Now we are exalted in the process of being consumed, as flesh in the Gross Room refrigerator pleases each section of the sanctum in turn.