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I like chess, and I've written a great deal about it here. My chess writeups are listed below, sorted by category, should you be inclined to read them.

Thanks go to the many of you who have written saying you are enjoying my chess nodes (also to those of you who have spent C!s and upvotes).

/chatterbox OFF

The following comments have brought me closer to E2 nirvana:

2004.05.06 at 23:13 Ashley Pomeroy says "If you control the center, you control the board" is now my personal motto.

2004.05.21 at 18:15 dem bones says re Alapin-Diemer Gambit: The Perfect Node.

2005.02.01 at 22:40 Aerobe says re H.P. Lovecraft: Oh dear god, what a PERFECT first sentence. Very cleverly written and I adore the heck out of this. great job!

2008.05.27 at 04:07 Bitriot says re Chess etiquette: That's good shit.

2005.05.03 at 18:12 Webster 1913 says You're a silly monkey.

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