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Fri Nov 11 2005 at 21:06:31 (15.6 years ago )
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mission drive within everything
Wait-- which everything are we talking about here?
literalism, irony, and the attendant bad jokes. loving. desire. dreaming. cultivating diligence.
Yes, I'm working on it.
Festina lente.
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<golem> glyph: let's send e2 to wash, detail and wax my car, too. and to check around where i will stop by and say hello and if it's a javascript thing.

<golem> glyph: so you're a bot?
<glyph> I'm a human. You're a bot.
<golem> glyph: i'm a human. you're a fucking ton of pork.

Go talk to golem, if he's still around at #golem on slashnet IRC. A funny bot, that one.

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