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My name is Chet Nichols III (the son of Chet Nichols II, and grandson of Chet Nichols. However, the original Chet Nichols passed away when my dad was 7).

As of today, July 30, 2002, I'm going to be a sophomore Computer Science major at Northern Michigan University (NMU) in Marquette, MI. I have a Psych minor too, but I'm not sure why yet. I have fun with stuff like that, ya know?

I enjoy really anything..most of my life revolves around computers, friends, working, eating, and of course, the best part, my girlfriend Dara. We've been dating for 3 years come this November. She goes to University of Illinois though, so the 8 hour drive is a toughy sometimes.

Up at school, I like to try and get out. We usually get a big group of people to go climb places like Sugar Loaf Mountain and Hogs Back. Little Presque Isle is also nice for hiking around, as is plain old Presque Isle. Jogging and biking, and using the rowing machine are also some things I like to do to get out and moving.. I didn't have a bike last year, but this summer I went up there for a visit and dropped my bike at a friends house for when the semester starts.

I also am the webmaster/designer for NMU's student-run radio station, Radio X ( They just hired me near the end of last year to be the incoming webmaster for this year. However, I took the initiative to resign the site and install their own station-based webserver (it used to be over in the math department). I'm actually pretty proud of it though.. it's an old HP Pavilion 233 MMX with a 2GB drive and 96MB of RAM running RedHat 7.2. Yeah yeah, RedHat. I like it, so hah to you. The website itself is pretty nice too..everyone seems to say so at least, they could just be pulling my leg. Check it out for yourself and let me know!

Hrmm what else.. well, obviously I'm into computers. I've been a complete Macintosh user ever since I was 10. Started off on a Mac SE II, and have moved my way up to a 233MHz iMac. Wow (sarcasm, anyone?). Hopefully by the time I go back to school I'll have a G4 tower (or some type of G4 for that matter). I do everything from programming, to art design, to just normal work and play on it. Basically all the average stuff except for programming and art design. I've also got an IBM ThinkPad that was supplied with tuition at NMU. It's kind of a nice program..and now they even offer iBooks! However, you need to be an Art & Design major to get one, and that's not me :(

Well I'm getting a bit sleepy right now, but I'll finish off my bio later..before you know it, it'l probably be a full biograpby of my life. Before I go though, I chose the username "hyper" because that's kind of one way to describe me. I like making people smile, and I'll do anything to accomplish it. I can be mellow too, but who wants that as their username (no offense to whoever has mellow, if anyone). Take it easy everyone,