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Proud father of the e2 flagellant sect (good to know someones proud of it ^_^)...

EXTREME Evangelion, Star Wars, Kodomo no Omocha fanatic.

Everything worth saying is worth saying in a haiku, but I rarely have anything of remarkable
consequence to say

An empty profile,
Shameful to the carrier,
Fill it with cow dung.

Check out the Star Wars : Episode 2 - cast list, which is frequently updated

Check out the Things that must happen in Episodes 2 and 3, which is not

For those of you ganking over what I might look like... you have two options.

Vote me up with all your fury.... or

E-mail the e2 Gods and demand they lower the noding requirements.

Either way, I can't imagine the need for such trouble. I look just like proj2501, except different.