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Currently at New York University in the Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences, studying computer science as a PhD student. I'm still a student in good standing, but Random Graphs... not very easy. Interesting, but my lack of calculus skizillz is coming back to bite me in the ass.

You can see my homepage (in its current, and likely permanent, embarassingly terse and ugly state) at

Previously, I coached the varsity rowing team at my alma mater, and was CTO at Rowing Ventures, Incorporated, a company which provided team-building and leadership training in a learn-to-row environment.

I was also, to my knowledge, the only research assistant at Tufts who was not a student. I did some research into foldings and hinge-dissections of polyhedra. (We just submitted for publication, so keep your fingers crossed.) In addition, my current project is to learn how to do first stand and then walk on my hands. My previous three (accomplished) projects were: juggling, jumproping, and getting a rowing ergometer "power hour" under 2:00 split, current best 1:53.8 average (new PR February 2004!).

I'm 24 years old, male. I like to describe myself with something Hobbes wrote in the Leviathan, "Nasty, brutish, and short."

Rowing Resume
  • Summer 2003
  • : Coached a ragtag team of collegiate misfits for the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta and Empire State Games. Sculled extensively to develop my sense of humility.
  • Summer 2001
  • : Trained for US Under-23 squad at the New York Athletic Club. Finished second and third respectively in a best two-out-of-three 2,000m trials for the US Worlds team in a coxed pair.
  • Summer 2000
  • : Member of US national rowing squad. Coxed the heavy four to a silver medal at FISA World Rowing Championships in Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Summer 1999
  • : Member of Riverside Lightweight Development camp. Competed at Elite Nationals (gold, light four), Canadian Henley (gold, light eight).
  • 2001 -- 2003
  • : Coached for Tufts University varsity men's crew.
  • 1997 -- 2001
  • : Coxed for Tufts University varsity men's crew.
  • 1993 -- 1997
  • : Coxed for Niskayuna high school boy's crew.

Scholastic Resume
  • 2003 -- present
  • : Doctoral work in computer science at the Courant Institute of New York University.
  • 2001 -- 2003
  • : Masters work in computer science at Tufts University. Most psychic energy spent on coaching the Tufts mens rowing team.
  • 1997 -- 2001
  • : Attended Tufts University. Actual major: rowing. Pro forma major: mathematics and computer science.
  • 1993 -- 1997
  • : Attended Niskayuna high school. Obsessively attended to duties relating to The Niskayuna Warrior (school paper, got suckered into being editor-in-chief my last two years after being sports editor), the rowing team, and the a capella group.

...and now to inflict some poetry on all those foolish enough to wander in...


Sitting under the concrete pipe runoff
we're singing there's a place for us.

The script calls for her
cotton white tank top
denim cut-off shorts
and little feet, sockless, in red Keds

because I proposed we go stream walking.

I'm not a pilot light to the bonfire of her bare shoulders heart face and graceful neck
But still, I tried.

She is cutting an expert figure across the stage
settle delicately between my legs
leans her back against my stomach
her arms rest
on the tops of my legs like an easy chair.
She places her hands on my knees
and tilts her head up towards mine
because an August washwater culvert provides.

However You Want

Oh, just one, there
please touch
with yours

And twice enwrap these wrists with your fingers
I thirst to feel their thirst
desiccate my arms
leave me
dry, cornhusk postharvest empty rattling
deliriously sated
in the Kansas twisted of your departure

Locust blooms descending to feed
devouring conquering armies of
fires quickburn flashflood the Earth quakes
burn me crush me kill me spurn me
            end me
      I'm yours.


Sitting cross-legged on my bedroom floor
I can see her from here.

I fondle the small details
Roll them around in my fingers and possess them.
Small wrinkles where upper arm meets breast
Callus free hands soft palms short fingers and
unpolished nails
And worn lower lip bitten in thought.

But I can't leave the hands
They seek me out
Rest behind my hips and crush me to her
Leaving red outline prints

Lying in bed below me
They shucked my shirt deftly
Before returning to their appointed spots
And the clock makes its viscous transit
From twelve to six.