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My hand was on the phone when it rang - Pete. I have been in pain all day - not pain - dilation? Cardiac, or bronchial - I do not understand the biology of this. This page has taken me forever - lost inside my head while time kept on. I seem to be listening to "Elvis Country" on tape.

Talked with Pete about Jason. How he wouldn't touch me when I was crying and how he brought condoms to Atlanta before we even talked about it, then told me he had, afterwards. And that I have just called him and kicked him out of my life. Pete is not pleased that he looks a little like John Flansburgh though that is clearly the cute one. He hadn't noticed that I freeze up.

Casey is here, reading an Annie Dillard story before he goes to bed. He scraped his left knee rollerblading, here for Neosporin. He knew we have everything. I tried to put a bandaid on it but it wouldn't stick - too much leg hair. I think this officially makes me his mom.