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I've perfected the arts of debate, philosophy, and writing really unpopular (aka bad) nodes.
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This is a place that I put things: http://www.geocities.com/smxrk/

I am apparently blessed.

My E2 username was inspired by Dragonball Z. I was introduced to the English-dubbed version from Funimation about 9 years ago. It was the first cartoon I had ever watched with any sense continuity, and I thought it was a great, great show. (Even with all the filler Funimation added to extended the number of episodes they could sell to dumb Western television distribution companies.)

The Carnegie Mellon University Game Creation Society (CMUGCS) has two websites, both of which have been (and probably will be) inactive in the summer. The latter link has very little content since it was created during the summer, and no one was around to put anything there. Check it out: http://gs109.sp.cs.cmu.edu/gcs/ http://cmugcs.sf.net/

I'm trying to write a Final Fantasy Tactics clone in less than a week! I hope you'll buy a copy so I can afford my rent. I'll probably put a link here. I know all my very old E2 critics probably check my homenode all the time to see what's up in my life, even if I haven't touched it in years.

I was originally a very bad noder. Why, you might wonder? Well it's because I had a differing philosophy about noding (and because I made the node Cheese Extreme Quesadilla which merely rattled off its description from a Taco Bell commercial and listed the nutritional information. I guess I have a strange sense of humor.)

At the time I was writing a Wiki in PHP that resembled E2 on steroids. And I was sort of in the mindset that I could just write whatever I wanted to on E2 and people would accept it, and even though my nodes wouldn't be very useful, other users would add to my node until it became useful. That was my error, and I wholeheartedly apologize for my erroneous ways.

However not everything was hated, for instance Shredder received a +13/-6 score, which while clearly some people had a problem with it, the majority approved. It's a good example however of E2's tendancy to downvote your node without giving an explanation.

Well if I still have a roof over my head I'll reconsider E2 participation (even though that is a completely haphazzard decision, since I already don't have enough time in my life to take care of my current responsibilities.)