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I'm here to have fun and hopefully do something positive.
I specialize in generalities.
Everyone makes bad decisions in their life, 'spills the milk': what matters is how you set about cleaning up your mess.
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The death of Uncle Sam
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I'm almost an official senior citizen, or at least AARP thinks I am. They keep sending solicitations to sign up for all the great things that are available when your mind slips and your body falls apart. The waitresses sometimes give me the senior discount without my asking. The fact that I don't protest means I'm surrendering, I think. I'm married, have 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 mortgage. Currently really enjoying having fun here at E2. Enough about me, let's hear about YOU...
Ok, it's time to recognize some E2 folks for their contributions toward helping encourage me in my efforts.
Junkill- always positive, finding something good to say while offering sound advice.
Shaogo- leads by example, his writing is awesome, plus he takes time to encourage and suggest.
liveforever- often comes about to point out my errors, and does so in a kindly way. Help much valued and appreciated!
Jet Poop- has been very supportive and seems to like my stuff, to the point I'm considering adding this noder onto my health insurance, as I have a sense of responsibility for the treatments.

Others as they occur to me shall be noted. The help given by the folks here has been offered in a very kindly way. Guys, may your tribe increase!

There's a new star on the horizon, and his name is santo. He's got game!

Here's what gets my upvote: writing which opens a window into your soul. Some people here are fantastic, finding a way to express things they've experienced in a way which draws you right into the experience with them. I will also upvote works which demonstrate a lot of effort, whether I actually understand the subject matter or not. I upvote w/u's that teach me things, whether it's about the world, about you, or about myself. Learning is a good thing
I generally don't like works which employ lots of strong profanity, while usually abstaining from downvoting them. Exceptions are works which are simply foulmouthed rants. If I want to listen to that, I have an ex-wife I could call.