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mission drive within everything
When you want everything you have, you will have everything you want.
Annoying others (esp coworkers); not great at any one thing, but good at just about everything.
Sure, I liked school and I enjoy company! ;)
Live each day like it's your last (I know, kinda cliche, but I feel it's true!).
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Who am I? Isn't that the search for the universal truth? I THINK I am just a guy, but who knows? I do know that I have been feeling more and more unsettled, for lack of a better term. Not sure what I hope to get out of being here, other than being able to express myself...you know, some kind of Group Therapy. But, while I am doing that, I hope that I can make some good connections and new friends.

Thanks for checking me out. Feel free to check out my scratch pad and let me know what you think.