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Real Name : Les Ritchin Age : 17 Height : 6"4' Occupation : Computer Technician, Evil Computer Genius(tm), and Weekend Warrior. Hobbies : Rollerblading, Programming, Doing cool things with computers, Seeing movies etc. I like: UNIX, Linux, LANs, WANs, G.ANs, Girls, X-Files, Millenium, Space: Above and Beyond, Anything else Chris Carter has done, UFOs, Netscape, Cray, SGI, Sun, Girls, Metallica, Slashdot, Girls, Jolt Cola, Water Joe, Racoons, Dogs, Jewel Kilcher. I Dislike: Loud obnoxious people, Windows,. Microsoft in general, Communists, Dictators, Teachers (except true academics, I'm talking about the people who stand up the front and are on a perpetual power trip), Bullies, Drugs, Anti Liberterians. ICQ - 3456018. PS I'm a friend of prophecy.