Sitting here nosing into my fellow noders home nodes and seeing that many of them are at some college of higher eduction or another I began to hark back to my own Uni days (1993-1996) and marvel at the times I had.

After a couple of minutes however I started to realise that although I have vivid memories of parties, fucking, unwise mixtures of alcohol, daytime TV, Super Mario Kart (still, in my opinion yet to be surpassed for sheer competitive gameplay qualities) etc etc I have very little actual residual knowledge of my chosen subject. (For anyone interested I graduated with honours from the relatively prestigious University of Exeter in Economic History where I somehow received the departmental award for excellence two years running).

I know that James Watt invented the steam engine (is that right?) and a few meaningless pieces of junk knowledge about Marx and the odd hazy recollection of France's economic status between 1919-1939 but precious little else.

In fact, if it hadn't been for my outstanding cramming qualities I don't think I would have graduated at all.

All this makes me wonder why I bothered going to University at all. Then I remember the parties, fucking, unwise mixtures of alcohol, daytime TV and Super Mario Kart and it all becomes clear again.