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How do we have compassion for the damaged?

I am horrified to hear about trolling on the internet making fun of someone who sounds psychotic.

I think the trolls and the neck craning bystanders are just as guilty as the psychotic person. They are guilty of a failure of compassion and a failure to help someone in desperate need. Why didn't they report the person to medical authorities to get them help? And you don't report once: you report daily. Day after day after day until it is taken seriously. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I acquired a patient here in town who had a medical problem that was psychiatric. This does exist. The patient stated that they had been "treated" by a naturopath. I asked for notes. I sent a signed consent.

No notes.

I called and left a message saying, I need those notes and I will be calling your state board if I don't get them.

I got the notes. The naturopath had completely ignored that this patient has a psychiatric illness not a medical illness.

I sent a letter to the naturopath about it.

My patient had gone to the medical specialist, who agreed with me. Psychiatry. The patient promptly switched doctors and refused to finish paying me. I have heard from the subsequent doctor's office that the patient is still not cooperating with treatment and with psychiatric evaluation.

If someone is insane on the internet report it. Report and report and report. Don't report if they are just nasty or difficult or annoying. But if they are psychotic, help them.